5 Easy steps to getting started with Logistix software 

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Logix Software Installation

IMPORTANT installation guidelines:  
  • Download the Logix Software Installation Program using the "Download Link" below.   This downloads a file named INS-LS [Date].tgz.   [Date] is the release date for this version and update. 
  • RENAME the INS-LS [Date].tgz file as INS-LS [Date].exe.   We are a Trusted Provider and we use VIPRE virus protection software to ensure our software is safe.  You may need to change the "Protection" setting to allow you to rename this file.
  • ​NEXT, click and run  INS-LS [Date].exe  and follow the on-line prompts or the Read Me Installation Instructions below.  
  • After installing Logix, email us at info@logistixsolutions.com with your Logix Login User Name and we will provide your Password.

Download Links:

System Requirements:
  • Windows Operating System 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
  • Minimum of 15 MB free hard disk space
  • Minimum of 3 GB RAM
  • Access to the internet and Google Maps for the mapping interface.

Use your own supply chain information to see how Logix can model and optimize your supply chain and distribution network and reduce transportation, warehousing and inventory costs while improving customer service.
Full Logix Platform Walkthrough
Logix Software  - Installation program for Logix
Read MeInstallation Instructions and quick tour of Logix
Quick Start Guide  - 1 page PDF