Climate Research

Logix™ distribution network design software for Climate Research is used by research companies to assess climate models that show the impact that rising sea levels and increasing potential for flooding and other climate events will have on ports and their surrounding infrastructure in order to mitigate supply chain risk now and in the future.

Recent hurricanes have made the evening news look like Hollywood climate apocalypse trailers. Hurricanes show us what several feet of water in homes and businesses looks like. Billions of dollars in damages are staggering. Yet we move on as we seemingly tell ourselves these are random, low probability, high impact events. Meanwhile high probability, relatively low impact events – tidal flooding are happening every week along the U.S. coast. Sometimes 30 or more times a year at some locations on the East and Gulf coasts.

Climate research companies use climate data and analysis software such as Logix™ distribution network design software for Climate Research. Logix™ software allows Supply Chain analysts to determine alternatives that must be enacted today to safeguard against future calamities. Investments today in warehouses, distribution centers, port facilities and transport equipment must be evaluated with major impacts to be felt in the next few years. Potentially dramatic impacts are sure to affect supply chains starting in 2030 with an accelerated pace, meaning more flooding events with increasingly significant impacts, from 2030 onward.

Key Factors:

  • Analyze and evaluate the impact of rising sea levels on ports and infrastructure to mitigate risk in your supply chain
  • Predictive analytics show how increasing climate events will impact your supply chain
  • How to adapt and secure smart investments for the future

Recommended Solution:

ProLogix AI™, or Logix™ with Predictive Analytics

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