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Logistix Solutions ProLogix AI™ supply chain software was founded by a team of supply chain optimization and operations experts each with over 30 years’ experience. Logistix Solutions was established in 2006 to provide premier technology, in-depth industry knowledge, and consulting solutions by and for logistics professionals. Logistix Solutions created the award-winning ProLogix AI™ Distribution Network Design Software and Transportation Optimization Software to be instantly available for small and medium size businesses, and large enterprises throughout the world.

Free Software Download: Take advantage of our Logix™ distribution network design and transportation optimization software to instantly pin point savings in your own supply chain. Every week we offer different tutorials and the latest version of our Logix™ software free of charge for a limited time so you can compare your distribution network with multiple scenarios and detailed solutions against other users worldwide.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Distribution Network Design

Distribution Network Design

Confidently build your future supply chain with our full featured easy to use ProLogix AI™ distribution network design software at the right price. Create and maintain a competitive and resilient supply chain. Our software highlights supply chain problems before they happen, and it optimizes your entire supply chain towards sourcing, distribution, inventory, warehousing and transportation in today’s uncertain environment.

Transportation Optimization

Our ProLogix AI™ distribution network design software also includes transportation optimization software that will allow shippers and private fleets to optimize routing, scheduling, fleet sizing, pickup, delivery, and transportation. This will optimize your shipping system to function at its highest capabilities, making sure that your fleet and distribution operations are operating at peak performance every day.

Consulting & Support

Consulting & Support

Support services and help for current ProLogix AI™ software users as well as expert consulting and project support for your more advanced modeling problems. Our consulting & support services include training your team on how to use our supply chain solution software, advise on how to get the best results based on our years of experience and knowledge, as well as a quick review of your setup if you simply need a little help.

Industry Specific Supply Chain Software

Food & Beverage"
Food & Beverage
Inventory Optimization"
Inventory Optimization
3rd Party Logistics"
3rd Party Logistics
Commercial Real Estate"
Commercial Real Estate
Climate Research"
Climate Research

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