Commercial Real Estate

Logix™ distribution network design software for commercial real estate has been a favorite tool for some of the largest commercial real estate service companies worldwide, helping pick the right site location for the right business criteria at the right cost.

Google® Maps interfaces makes Logix™ an even stronger tool for visualizing real estate properties and their proximity to transportation infrastructure and key demographics. Site Selection algorithms optimize location and provide valuable financial sensitivity analysis to help in ranking properties and their value to prospective tenants.

Commercial real estate users use Logix™ for site selection and comparison of commercial properties – distribution centers, manufacturing sites, retail stores and shopping malls – based on key economic and geographic metrics such as transportation costs, proximity to ports, intermodal facilities and transportation infrastructure as well as leasing costs, capacity, labor rates, taxes and overall suitability.

The end result is a highly accurate operating cost analysis of each property with a look forward as demographics and demand patterns change. Coupled with maps, reports, charts and other output from Logix™, you can present highly specific and quantifiable information for each of your clients.

Key Factors:

Greenfield and Proximity Radar capabilities that are proprietary and unique to Logix™ frequently find solutions that other programs ignore and simply can't find.

Recommended Solution:

ProLogix AI™, or Logix™ with International Geocoding, Map Labeling & Google Drive Distance Matrix

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