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Logix™ is a distribution network design software for Food Logistics, & is a multiple recipient of the Food Logistics Top 100 award, and is used throughout the food and beverage industry by some of the largest food distributors as well as smaller food product suppliers. For every user, results matter and Logix™ helps them improve efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profitability.

One of Logistix Solutions' customers with over $500 million in annual sales distributes some of the finest cheese in the world, often imported from Italy and France or manufactured in the dairy heartland of America, uses our distribution network design software for Food Logistics. Utilizing this software allows them to know which of three warehouses, multiple suppliers and inbound port locations should ship products, while taking into account freight rates, freshness, supplier direct, multi-stop or LTL, and product availability is key to minimizing transport costs. With profits measured in pennies per pound, finding every opportunity to save transport costs is just as important as delivering fresh product.

Logix™ Fleet Optimization and Truckload Routing and Scheduling software combined with its Distribution Network Design optimizer assigns orders to the best distribution point including cross dock options. Each week a new transport schedule is produced to make sure products arrive on time and at the lowest cost including inbound shipping and outbound delivery. An initial estimate of over one million dollars in annual savings was captured with shipments that can vary every week and loads that are optimized to maximize efficiency.

Key Factor:

Logix™ being a distribution network design software for Food Logistics has a unique capability to accurately represent food and beverage distributors costs whether using Less Than Truckload (LTL), Truckload, private fleet or dedicated fleet product transportation.

Recommended Solution:

ProLogix AI™, or Logix™ with Predictive Analytics

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