Inventory Optimization

Logix™ Distribution Network Design Software for Inventory Optimization includes powerful Inventory Optimization features like Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Optimization within its arsenal of software applications. Inventory Optimization works seamlessly within Logix™ and with your data to provide invaluable insights and directives that you can instantly use to improve your operations.

Logix™ is a strategic tool that calculates the optimum EOQ in order to make sure that you have the right amount of stock on hand and that you don’t have overstocks that can lead to tying up capital, holding obsolete inventory or wasting valuable warehouse space.

Logix™ also takes shortages into account which can add complexity requiring calculating the cost of a lost sale as well as potential loss of customer.

Key Factors:

  • Logix™ allows you to pinpoint individual products coming from specific plants or suppliers or stored at only certain DCs letting you apply a magnifying lens to your supply chain like never before.
  • Calculate how much to stock, how much to order, and when
  • Cost Savings and Fewer Stock Outs
Distribution Network Design Software for Inventory Optimization

Recommended Solution:

ProLogix AI™, or Logix™ with Unlimited Model Size & Item Master Detail

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