Logistix Solutions is a top provider of distribution network design software for manufacturing service providers. The word we so often hear in describing today’s manufacturing logistics environment is “complexity”. More rigorous customer demands, new service offerings, tighter controls and the expanding world of ecommerce add new layers of complexity to our customers’ business environment and to the solutions they need to respond to these new challenges.

Logix™ continues to add new features and capabilities to address these needs. These capabilities strive to reduce and better manage complexity in the supply chain in order to cut costs and provide superior service.

What sets Logix™ apart is its ability to quickly provide straightforward solutions that can deal with all of the real world complexities within manufacturing logistics while allowing the user to add one layer at a time to
stretch the limits of the user’s technology, processes and people skills.

Key Factors:

  • Logix™ allows you to pinpoint individual products coming from specific plants or suppliers or stored at only certain DCs letting you apply a magnifying lens to your supply chain like never before.
  • What alternatives do you have to supply a particular product if your primary plant or supplier is shut down?
  • Do you have enough capacity to stock a full range of products at designated DCs?
  • What products and what quantities should you produce at each of your plants?

Recommended Solution:

ProLogix AI™, or Logix™ with Unlimited Model Size & Item Master Detail

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