Logistix Solutions Wins 2021 Green Supply Chain Award

Logistix Solutions Wins 2021 Green Supply Chain Award

We at Logistix Solutions were proudly featured as one of the winners of Supply & Demand Chain's 2021 Green Supply Chain Award. This award features some of the greatest names in the supply chain industry. Just a few years ago the idea of a green supply chain had a much different defenition than current day. Today, many people have significant disruptions to their supply chain that they refer to as "The Supply Chain Crisis", the issues that push companies and consumers to rethink their values are vast reaching. The conversation around the supply chain industry currently centers on resiliency and reform.

The Supply & Demand Chain Executive's 2021 Green Supply Chain award celebrates companies who not only keep up with green initiatives throughout the industry and across the globe, but also make them a priority in their work. This award recognizes all corporations who not only dealt with backlogs, worker shortage, shutdowns, and natural disaster, but dealt with these in a green initiative way.

While other organizations, consumers, and companies have a role in the environment, the supply chain industry stands above all as being one of the most influential industries for sustainability. Luckily members of the supply chain industry are aware of this and strive to develop modern strategies for a better sustainable future. Persistant issues such as waste reduction, labor welfare, and renewable energy have become an important part of company values in recent years.

Logistix Solutions was featured in this year’s batch of winners, for having exhibited great concern for environmental issues and having a strong commitment to creating a better supply chain. Hopefully going forward, many other supply chain companies will follow suit and we will see a bright, strong industry in the near future. Each of these companies these companies including Logistix Solutions put in such hard work into each and every project, and The Supply & Demand Chain is excited to see what more is brought to the table in the future.

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