Announcing Logix™ v9.2 – Highlighting Network Savings and Issues to Help You Work Smarter

Announcing Logix™ v9.2 - Highlighting Network Savings and Issues to Help You Work Smarter

Along with the enhanced Inventory Optimization capabilities released last year, Logix™ v9.2 now provides an even more robust and full featured solution not only for strategic Distribution Network Design and Transportation Optimization, but your full product life cycle from manufacturing and supply to customers, including Item Level Optimization, Google Maps Distances and Driving Directions, Predictive Analytic, Service Level Optimization and more. Logix™ v9.2 is more capable than ever to handle any size problem, find solutions that other programs miss due to our unique algorithms, and solve problems faster so you can work smarter. With the built in Design Center and enhanced map labeling, you have full customization capabilities for building presentations as well.

Logix™ v9.2 will be especially of interest to manufacturers and supply chains which produce or source unique products at specific plants or suppliers or which store certain Items at specific distribution centers. Adding to this new capability is the ability to optimize service levels for individual distribution centers or product types down to individual Items. And, to let you work smarter, Logix allows you to start with a solution you think might work well to see if it can be improved, or, where your solution might run into problems. Logix™ remains easy to use, fast and affordable. We hope you like these new features and, as always, we thank all of our users as all of our new features are in response to our users' needs and suggestions.

Giving You New Choices with Logix™ v9.2 – ProLogix AI™ “a la carte” Aside from the new features and capabilities presented within Logix™ v9.2, one of the biggest new updates is you now have the option to choose which capabilities you may need most and can add them a la carte to your Basic Logix™ License. For example, if you need Unlimited Model Size and Item Master Detail, but don’t need International Geocoding, you can do that. If you need Unlimited Modeling Size but don’t need Predictive Analytics, you can do that. This update brings us one step further along our goal of offering you the most flexible and easy to use supply chain software out there.

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