Next Generation Supply Chain Solutions – How ProLogix AI™ Supply Chain Optimization Software performs against MIT’s “Best Supply Chain Practices in 2022”

Next Generation Supply Chain Solutions – How ProLogix Supply Chain Optimization Software performs against MIT’s “Best Supply Chain Practices in 2022”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology teamed with Coupa to author a look at next generation supply chain solutions through software tools and their criteria enabling these tools to solve the supply chain challenges of the future. The article describes how today’s software solutions must be adapted to solve increasingly complex issues such as supply chain resiliency, carbon emissions and massive data while offering better solutions, keener insights, and overall more sophisticated performance. This whitepaper compares each of the criteria described in the article to the more sophisticated AI enabled ProLogix AI™ Supply Chain modeling and optimization software from Logistix Solutions. The table below contains excerpts from the article listing each of the criteria and how ProLogix AI™ functions and features address these criteria.

ProLogix AI™ was introduced by Logistix Solutions in 2018 as an AI Enabled / Machine Learning software extension of its widely used Logix™ Distribution Network Modeling and Transportation Optimization software tool. Intended for a more sophisticated supply chain practitioner audience, ProLogix AI™ is increasingly used by supply chain professionals in consultancy, third-party logistics and solution providers and in-house supply chain organizations to highlight key areas of potential improvement in supply chain performance on a continual basis. Logix™ solves the typical supply chain optimization problems such as how many distribution facilities do we need and where should they be located, how do we improve service and product distribution through our existing network of by adding strategically located facilities and how do we optimize the performance of our delivery fleet.

ProLogix AI™ next generation supply chain solutions greatly expands this ability with features like AI/Machine Learning Predictive Analytics, highlighting exactly where supply chain bottlenecks hinder performance, which customers experience declining service or higher costs, and how the supply chain of the future is impacted by rising fuel costs, shifting demand, new products and expanded customer bases, and supply chain crises due to supplier shortages, global disruptions, and uncertainty, using sophisticated “What-if” capabilities, probability based modeling techniques, and graphic or map-based tools to easily visualize and report on the results. Greater sophistication often comes at a price, resulting in higher priced, more difficult to use software.

Logistix Solutions strives to provide its On-Demand software at accessible subscription pricing models that have received numerous awards for the solutions provided that have saved companies worldwide millions of dollars in costs while greatly improving service or offering new, more rapid-delivery solutions that meet today’s more challenging customer-driven standards.

As the most widely used on-demand software tool on the market, Logistix Solutions provides a demo as well as convenient short-term licenses of its software tools by following this link. The format of this white paper is intended to allow you to quickly view each criteria, its description directly from the article, and the related functionality from Logix™ or ProLogix AI™ that supports this criteria, free of hype or jargon. Supporting case studies and whitepapers on each topic found here on our website. A link to this article is provided here. Feel free to view the article and explore each metric of supply chain excellence.

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